About Me

Hi, I’m an artist who is passionate about the artistic world, teaching art lessons for many years in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I love writing poems based on my artwork as well as reciting and singing. Since my childhood I liked writing poems and being creative from my imaginations. Inspirations from the world around me and also my imaginations develop into poems. My paintings show hope, strength & beauty of life and conveys a message that anything is possible if you believe in it. 

“Your feelings are your greatest tools to help you create your life” – Rhonda Byrne

Interests: Drawing, Painting, Resin Art, Portraits, Singing & Poetry.

Recently  published:

Fine Art Exhibition 2020, Atlanta  “Reality or Abstraction”


Summer 2020 Portfolio Art  Show


AAC 2020 East Meets West, Atlanta Woman’s Club Sponsored Credentialed juried art exhibit

DFAA 2020 Sights & Insights Southeastern Regional Art Exhibition-
(Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina,South Carolina & Tennessee)

NANMMA Yearbook – Poems & Paintings  (North American Network of Malayalee Muslim Associations) https://nanmmaonline.org/yearbook/

CFA Featured Artist 2019 (Circle Foundation-Contemporary Fine Arts – Juried selection)  https://circle-arts.com/simi-abdulkareem/ 

Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine Cover Contest 2019 – HONORABLE MENTION Award

Paintings in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery ( Juried selectoin)  https://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Open-2017/Open-2017/n-QNSFbw/i-Dqj75gK 

Poems published on  Kerala Kaumudi, Puzha, Nallezhuthu , emalayalee.com, The Wifi Reporter  & Ezhuthukoottam -Kalakaumudi  :

Mullappoovinoru mazhamutham &  chanjurangumee pinchomanakal (Nanmma yearbook 2019)

“Mandarapookkalkkoru Onakkaalam” (9/3/2019) Puzha.com

Nadanam – Puzha.com  (8/14/2019)

Kuyil  –  Kerala Kaumudi  (5/26/2019)

Vijayam – Puzha.com  (8/09/2019)

kunjumarmaram (Poem & Painting) – Nallezhuthu (7/08/2019)

Kaalpadukal – emalayalee.com (5/21/2019)

chanjurangumee pinchomanakal – http://www.emalayalee.com/varthaFull.php?newsId=177767
Yathra – http://www.emalayalee.com/varthaFull.php?newsId=179849

Puzhakal ( Ezhuthukoottam – Kala kaumudi)

Thoomanjupol – Puzha.com

Poongavanam – Puzha.com

Kunjutharakangal kurunnukal – Puzha.com

Minnaminung – Puzha.com

Manassin jalakam – The Wifi Reporter.com

Kadhaparayum kaalam  – Puzha.com

Chithrashalabangal – Puzha.com

Poem & Painting – Thira

Poem- Mananam

Feel free to contact me at simi.abdulkareem@gmail.com for purchasing/ Ordering  my paintings & resin art works.

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