About Me

Hi, I am Simi Abdulkareem. Thank you for visiting my page. I’m an artist who is passionate about the artistic world, teaching art lessons for many years in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I love writing poems based on my art work as well as reciting and singing. Since my childhood I liked writing poems and being creative from my imaginations. Inspirations from the world around me and also my imaginations develops into poems. My paintings shows the beauty of our free spirits, larger than life ……….. and affirm the fact that anything is possible if only we believe in it.

“Your feelings are your greatest tools to help you create your life” – Rhonda Byrne

Recently  published:

AAC 2020 East Meets West, Atlanta Woman’s Club Sponsored Credentialed juried art exhibit

DFAA 2020 Sights & Insights Southeastern Regional Art Exhibition-
(Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina,South Carolina & Tennessee)


NANMMA Yearbook – Poems & Paintings  (North American Network of Malayalee Muslim Associations) https://nanmmaonline.org/yearbook/

CFA Featured Artist 2019 (Circle Foundation-Contemporary Fine Arts – Juried selection)  https://circle-arts.com/simi-abdulkareem/ 

Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine Cover Contest 2019 – HONORABLE MENTION Award

Paintings in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery ( Juried selectoin)  https://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Open-2017/Open-2017/n-QNSFbw/i-Dqj75gK 

Poems published on  Kerala Kaumudi, Puzha, Nallezhuthu , emalayalee.com, The Wifi Reporter  & Ezhuthukoottam -Kalakaumudi  :

Mullappoovinoru mazhamutham &  chanjurangumee pinchomanakal (Nanmma yearbook 2019)

“Mandarapookkalkkoru Onakkaalam” (9/3/2019) Puzha.com

Nadanam – Puzha.com  (8/14/2019)

Kuyil  –  Kerala Kaumudi  (5/26/2019)

Vijayam – Puzha.com  (8/09/2019)

kunjumarmaram (Poem & Painting) – Nallezhuthu (7/08/2019)

Kaalpadukal – emalayalee.com (5/21/2019)

chanjurangumee pinchomanakal – http://www.emalayalee.com/varthaFull.php?newsId=177767
Yathra – http://www.emalayalee.com/varthaFull.php?newsId=179849

Puzhakal ( Ezhuthukoottam – Kala kaumudi)

Thoomanjupol – Puzha.com

Poongavanam – Puzha.com

Kunjutharakangal kurunnukal – Puzha.com

Poem & Painting – Minnaminung – Puzha.com

Poem & Painting – Manassin jalakam – The Wifi Reporter.com

Feel free to contact me at simi.abdulkareem@gmail.com for purchasing/ Ordering  my paintings & resin art works.

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